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SH-055UN7_SH-055UN7L_SH-055UN7LW are equipped with advanced features for audio signal identification, separate display for WiFi signals, and precision dual tuners that allow users to tailor the device to their exact sensitivity and volume preferences.
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Siangsiu Industrial Corp. / Suresafe Technology Inc.

Siangsiu Industrial Corp. / Suresafe Technology Inc.


We have been pioneering inventors, manufacturers, and exporters of
WIRELESS RF SIGNAL DETECTORS in Taiwan since 1980. As a leading force in
security solutions, we consistently introduce new products every year.


1. Diverse Detection 

   Our lineup includes a variety of models, each tailored to detect different
   types of Wireless / Wired Hidden Cameras, Mobile Phones, Wireless Bugs,
   GPS Trackers, Mobile phone / GPS Jammers, and more since 1980.
2. Unparalleled Sensitivity

   Suresafe devices are equipped with advanced technology, allowing them
   to detect WiFi IP cameras with an output power as low as ≦1mW. We don't
   just find the obvious; we uncover the stealthy.

3. Remarkable Detection Range:

   Suresafe devices boast an impressive detection range of wireless cameras.
   Our Video Wireless Camera Hunter spans across all wireless video camera
   frequencies: 900 ~ 1300 MHz, 2340 ~ 2550 MHz, 5645 ~ 5945 MHz. The WiFi
   IP Camera Detector goes even further, including the vast 5G WiFi IP
   camera spectrum: 2410 ~ 2480 MHz, 5180 ~ 5320 MHz, 5745 ~ 5825 MHz.

4. Easy to Use:

   Our devices are designed with simplicity in mind. No need to be a tech
   expert, whether you're a novice or an expert, Suresafe ensures reliable
   and successful detection every time. Say goodbye to poor detection results!
Don't compromise on your privacy; choose Suresafe for unmatched wireless
RF signals detection.


Our main product categories include:

[ TSCM (Technical Surveillance Counter-Measures) equipment ]

     LCD Screen Mobile Phone Detector, portable type (New)

     LCD Screen Mobile Phone Detector, fix-type (New)
     Wireless Camera Hunter + WiFi IP camera detection + Plug-in lens finder
     2G_3G_4G_5G Cell Phone Detector
     RF Signal Detector  
     GPS Tracker Detector with magent finder
     Portable / Fixed type GPS jammer Detector
     Wireless Camera Hunter / FPV (Video Scanner)    
     RF Bug Detector
     2.4G WiFi IP Camera Detector
     Wireless Camera Hunter + WiFi IP camera detection with sensitivity tuner
     Handheld Power OFF Cellphone Detector




Established in:1980
Annual Sales:USD 5,500,000
Capital:USD 310,000
Business Type:OEM Manufacturer ODM Manufacturer
Markets: World Wide
Main Products:Counter Surveillance Devices, Wireless Camera Hunter (FPV), Video scanner, RF Signal Detector, spy camera detector, bug detector, mobile phone detector, WiFi IP camera detector, cell phone detector, GPS tracker Detector
No. of Employee:40
Contact Detail
CEO:Mr. Dennis Huang
Contact:General Manager
Address:11F-1, No. 29, Sec. 3, Roosevelt Road Taipei City, 106 Taiwan
TEL:886-2-23626787 (Rep.)

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