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SH-055UN8LW is used by militaries, corrections, law enforcement, and schools..etc., all over the world to detect cellphone use that is unauthorized in these places.


Jamming Signal Detector for Home_Office security system / Jamming Detection / Detecting Jammer for indoor use / Anti-Jammer for office_home security system / Jammer Detector for Indoor use

Product ID: SH-055UJ2 / 231226


~Made In Taiwan~

Buy insurance for office & home security system

What connection between Crime and Economy? Worse economy, higher theft. 


How if criminal using signal jammer to disable
433 / 868 / WiFi / Mobile connection of
Home / office security system and Internet of Things ?

Modern security systems apply new communication technology to transmit alarm data or video through cellular system or WiFi, etc. However, smart criminal uses signal jammer to disconnect the communication of security system.


This device is made to take precautions against the criminal using signal jammer to disable the WiFi and mobile connection of Home / Office security system for invasion and stealing valuable property or information [data].


This device will issue alert (warning trigger) back to control center to notify the attempted theft / robbery, before the 433 / 868 / WiFi / Mobile communication of home / office security system is been blocked.


#Jamming Signal Detector for Home_Office security system #Indoor Jamming Detection #Detecting Jammer for indoor use #Anti-Jammer for office_home security system #Jammer Detector for Indoor use 

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 L 13 x W 6.8 x T 2.6 cm


 about 170 g


 12V ~ 24V DC, 150 mA

 Detecting Frequency

 1. Wideband jammer of WiFi and cellphone frequency bands

 2. 433 MHz and 868 MHz narrowband jammer (single channel transmitter)

 Bandwidth  Resolution

 FULL band detection

 Frequency scan timing for

jamming signal

 Always detecting

 Handling of jamming signal

 Instant activate relay output after verified the jamming signal

 Warning mode

 8 LEDs

 Alarm output

 1.0A relay, with NO-NC output

 Sensitivity Tuner

 Eliminate the environment interference (background noise)


  • Without interfere with digital signal
  • Background noise Filter
  • Alarm output
  • Sensitivity tuner
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  • Minimum Order: Negotiable
  • Buyer's Label Offered
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CEO:Mr. Dennis Huang
Contact:General Manager
Address:11F-1, No. 29, Sec. 3, Roosevelt Road Taipei City, 106 Taiwan
TEL:886-2-23626787 (Rep.)

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